It all began…


After two years after trying , researching and going to DOZENS of different websites I got fed up with how hard it was to find a Happy Hour guide in San Antonio. I wanted a website that would tell me what and where the deals were in San Antonio, so that I could decide what place I wanted to venture to that night!

After wondering why San Antonio didn’t have a spot or site like this, (or at least one that was user friendly) I decided, why not make my own?!? So I did.
Not only will it be a list of the happy hours in San Antonio, it will also be a blog that reviews bars, restaurants, and events all over San Antonio so that you can really decide what you want to experience.

 Reviews will follow the same prompt for every establishment that is visited, where I give a happy hour discount grade, a staff grade, an atmosphere grade, and then include the details on the happy hour as well. .
This list blog will include entries with happenings that are going on in the Alamo city, (cocktail world and elsewhere). So that you can stay up to date with all the coolest events, and be that person that’s always in the loop. It’ll help you really drink in what the city has to offer (see what I did there?).
 Thrown in here and there might also be some special segments about making cocktails and different recipes that enable you to turn YOUR HOME into a Happy Hour! (What? My house? With my cat? In my PJ’s? It can’t be!) I mean after all, the reason we look for Happy Hours and NEED this site is because we all have empty wallets and want to get a real bang for our buck. There is not a better way to do that then by saving money drinking at home!

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