Barbaro Boasts Great Deals

I have to be honest; Barbaro is quite possibly one of the best places to hit up for a happy hour in San Antonio.
They have the best cocktail menu that is filled with more than 20 drinks that you can order for only $5 during their happy hour specials (which is till 11 p.m. Tuesday!). In addition to a great and extensive craft cocktail menu, they have excellent food.
Barbaro, which is located in the southern area of the Olmos Park area, what some would call Tobin Hill, is a small neighborhood eatery, that has a quaint dining room with high-top tables and booths. In the middle of the restaurant is a bar, where you can take one of the 12 seats, and watch as the bartenders crank out cocktails for the restaurant.
This San Antonio foodie gem has two nights that are the most favorable for your wallet. If you’re hungry, come on a Monday night, when you can get a large pizza for $10. The pizza is delicious, made in-house with fresh ingredients, and is more than enough to feed two adults. If you plan your evening well, you can even hit up happy hour on Monday from 3-6 get a steal on your drink prices as well.
If you are not as peckish, Tuesday is the night to be there. All-night happy hour is something Barbaro brings around every summer, and it is well worth it. The wonderfully large cocktail menu featuring drinks that are, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” created by Elizabeth Forsythe, leaves you with enough options to quench any flavor profile you are looking for. There are even some delicious dessert cocktails, as well as old-fashioned fizz and adult soda shoppe beverages, to indulge in.
I’ve been into Barbaro on two separate occasions, once on a Monday to take advantage of the $10 pie night. During my visit there I had the pleasure of speaking with the bar manager about her beverage program, and all the thought that goes into her drinks. During this visit I sipped on the No Sugar, No Cream cocktail located on “The Ugly” side of the menu, which features boozier drinks than it’s “The Good” and “The Bad” counterparts.
The drink was wonderfully built, and true to it’s name it was a nice boozy, coffee based drink that combined both my admiration for Black Coffee and my love for liquor, a dangerous combination for sure.
My next visit was on a Tuesday, for the all night happy hour special. I stared at the menu for a few moments, debating whether I wanted to sample a new drink; or go with the cocktail that I had fell in love with on my first visit
I decided, based off a recommendation from another patron, to be adventurous and go with the Colonel Mustard. This is where Forsythe’s genius comes into play. She makes a savory, yet delightfully fun and sweet cocktail. Every flavor profile you can think of comes into play with this delicious concoction, which is topped with a pretzel, just to add more fun to the drink.
The Berry Piquant was the final cocktail ordered at the bar, and it was a very nice, slightly sweet, yet fruity and acidic cocktail that really proves how wide a vast variety of flavors can show up on one menu.
I love Barbaro. The cocktail menu is something to experience, whether it’s happy hour or not. No matter what you want or crave, there is something on the menu that will please you. No matter what you order, you will not be disappointed.
Everything ranges on a scale from 1-5!
Price: 5 (during happy hour)
Atmosphere: 5
Staff: 5
Happy Hour: 4
(Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm and all day Tuesday.)
Food: Yes ($10 Pizza Monday!)

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