Tacos ‘N Tequlia

Can I just say that I have been waiting to try this place FOREVER. It’s right down the street, and I kept putting it off!
Why? Because I was once told that they have an experimental drink menu on Thursdays! So I kept waiting for a Thursday to go in and try things……
Well I didn’t go in on Thursday. I went on Wednesday, and I’m glad I did.
Reason 1. The “Experimental” Thursdays that I heard about made it seem like the samples of the drinks would be free or for a significantly reduced price, which seemed to good to be true! Well, that’s because It is too good to be true. Experimental Thursday just means that they have a more craft cocktail menu that you would typically find in Cocktail bars, not restaurants. That’s fine! No hard feelings, I’m just glad I didn’t come in with that being my expectation only to be disappointed by a cocktail menu with drinks ranging from 10 bucks and up.
Instead, I went for the normal Happy Hour special. Monday thru Friday 4pm-7pm. They have pretty good specials. $4 Margaritas Frozen, or on the Rocks, as well as $4 wells and house wine.

The wells that they offer however arent really that impressive, It’s a bunch of low end liquor and spirits that cost basically nothing, but it’s Happy Hour……so…..I guess it’s okay. The drink menu here, as well as all the Spirits options are really nice, so it is slightly disappointing that they dont offer any of their cocktails during the Happy Hour, for a reduced price, since they are also pretty pricey in general.
The greatest thing about the Happy Hour here at TnT has nothing to do with the drink specials though. It’s the food deal they have going on. Every weekday the eatery sets up a ‘Taco Bar’ for $1.50 per taco. They have four options to pick from: Pulled Pork, Pollo Verde, Picadillo, and Black Bean. I opted for the Pulled Pork and the Pollo Verde.
They tacos that I selected came out very quickly, and there is a decently sized portion of meat on these tacos! It’s actually quite impressive. When ready, I made me way over to the “build you own taco” part of the bar…….this is where the deal gets disappointing. The toppings that you have to choose from are as follows: Coleslaw, Pickled Red Onions, Jalapenos, and three types of salsa. (two of which come with the complimentary chips they give you.) Can you say disappointing?? I mean….at least let us have the option of Pico or something! I guess for a buck fifty though, that’s all you get when they dose out generous portions on the protein end.
Though there was a lack of toppings, the tacos were still delicious and well worth the money. The $4 shot of cheap rum was not, but I felt guilty sitting at the bar and not ordering an actual drink.
I have to say, the best thing about this place is the complimentary chips and salsa they give you. The chips are a blend of tortilla chips and sweet potato chips and the sweet potato chips are amazing. If you were coming for a time outside of Happy Hour, I can understand why you might go there, get an expensive drink, and then just eat as many chips as you can until you feel justified paying the price for your drink.
All in all, TnT is an okay place. I’ve heard they have a great Brunch Buffet, so if I go back there, it would probably be for that.
Everything ranges on a scale from 1-5!
Price: 3 (during happy Hour)
Atmosphere: 5
Staff: 3
Happy Hour: 3
(Monday-Friday 4pm-6:30 pm Food and Drink Specials, $4 Wells, Margs, and Wine. $1.50 Tacos)
Food: Yes

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