Valentine’s Day at Bohanan’s


Be Mine Cocktail

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, there is not a better steak house in town to spend a romantic dinner than at Bohanan’s. The staple of the Houston St. is within a couple feet from the Riverwalk making it a great date spot for locals and tourists alike.

This Valentine’s Day, Bohanan’s is serving up a special cocktail called the “Be Mine,” which features lemon, honey, grenadine, white rum, and Creme de Cacao, shaken and served up, garnished with a raspberry. The flavor is a perfect combination of tart  and sweet, while the presentation is an embodiment of the Hallmark Holiday. img_5786

Along with the special cocktail, Bohanan’s is featuring some flaming desserts, that are the perfect ending to a decadent dinner. These fiery desserts come in Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee, and Strawberry Imperial, all of which are served atop of homemade vanilla ice cream. While the Bananas Foster is going to be the most potent (being set ablaze with banana liquor and brandy) the Strawberry Imperial was my favorite. The juicy strawberries that have been warmed by the fire after being doused in brandy are absolutely mouthwatering. Once you place them over top of the cool homemade vanilla ice cream, there isn’t a better way to treat yourself, or your date, this Valentine’s Day.


Be Mines and Cherry Jubilee



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