Asado experiments with desserts

Asado Seafood and Grill, housed in the Hilton by the San Antonio International Airport is reinventing the idea of dessert with their new and experimental menu. The head chef at Asado, has grown tired of the cheesecakes and chocolate cakes that, while delicious, -plague dessert menus all over the country. He came up with a variety of different desserts and calls them “Desserts After Dark.” These desserts are unique riffs on classic dishes such as a PB&J Eclair or a decadent Pecan Tart. In addition, the bar has come up with a couple of dessert martinis as well, including the Chocolate Strawberry Velvet Martini and the Peppermint Martini.


Peppermint Martini


Pecan Tart

This new menu contains five different desserts that are all unique in their own way, and they are only available for a limited time. The first is the Milk Chocolate Passion Fruit “Bombe” and it comes with a white chocolate hazelnut gelato as well as a Shokabella dark chocolate cappuccino. The tart and sour from the passion fruit in the bombe offers a nice contrast to the milk chocolate and gives you a wide variety of flavor in one bite

The Rebecca Creek Bourbon Pecan Tart, is a sure-fire hit. The tart is rich and buttery, with tones of bourbon and brown sugar. The dessert is topped with candied pecans and a praline ice cream.


Mango and Passion Fruit



The  Mango and Passion Fruit Pave, is paired with a vanilla bean genoise, mango “crisp’s” and a passion fruit sorbetto. This is one of the lighter desserts on the menu. The passion fruit is  nice and tart, and is layered with a light cake, that satisfies your sweet tooth without feeling as though you indulged too much.

The Amaretto Panna Cotta is the most beautiful of the desserts on the menu. The Panna Cotta, which by it self is a deliciously simple dessert, is topped with a mini hazelnut ice cream bar and an amaretto caramel.


The final dessert on the menu, and my favorite by far, is the PB&J Eclair. It contains a peanut butter and chocolate mousse stuffed inside of a delicious airy eclair. Served with a sun dried strawberry gelato, and topped with a peanut butter brittle piece, both PB&J lovers and dessert lover alike need to try this dish.


Each dessert on the menu is priced at nine dollars and will be on the menu until the end of February. In March the chef is coming out with another menu, this time featuring doughnuts and focusing on rustic dessert styles. I can’t wait to see what the chef has in store.




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