New Bexar Pub Opens in Dignowity

file_004Bexar Pub opened its doors on Thursday February 23rd for a soft opening. The new bar, which is located at 114 Brooklyn Ave. is housed inside of the old Toro Taco location.

Though it’s only been open a week, the bar has received a warm welcome by the Dignowity Hill area. Many locals have mentioned that it is quickly becoming their new hang out spot. The bar is equipped with TV’s both inside and outside and ample open seating. After one visit, you’ll be able to understand why it’s so widely enjoyed.

Though the bar was opened by the same folks that ran FOLC and Park Social it has a different vibe to it than the Olmos Park establishments. Bexar Pub features a menu that is simple and appeals to everyone. Unlike some cocktail menus, the Bexar Pub uses ingredients that are easily recognizable. While it lacks ingredients that are found on more exotic craft cocktail menus- the lavishly named liqueurs, the various type of bitters and vermouths, etc.- there is at least one drink on the menu that could please all taste buds.


A Rob Roy and Bexar Pub menu

The variety of drinks at Bexar Pub is impressive. For the seasoned drinker they offer whiskey forward cocktails like the Rob Roy (scotch, vermouth, bitters) and the Ghetto Old Fashioned (“cheap ass bourbon”, sugar, bitters, orange).  Drinks such as the Silver Fox (gin, lime, grape soda) and the Vampiro (tequilia, bloody mix, squirt, lime juice) are unique to the Bexar Pub menu and serve as a craft cocktail option for those drinkers new to the cocktail world. The bar also features twists on classic drinks like the L.I.T cocktail (basically a Long Island Iced Tea) and the Sex on the Beach. Not big into mixed drinks? The bar also features a variety of beers in bottles and on draft.

The menu and atmosphere at Bexar Pub is sure to attract people from all walks of life, from those that are new to the cocktail world, to those that are fans of the well crafted drinks. It offers a great space for friends to come together and enjoy a drink, no matter what style the prefer.The prices are great too, cocktails range from $5 to $8 and are two dollars off during happy hour which runs 3-7 p.m. daily.

At this point in time drinks are the only part of the pub up and running, a food menu should be coming out soon. The menu supposedly will feature the dearly missed FOLC burger, as well as some other great menu items, like steamed buns and sandwiches. I had the opportunity to try some of their dishes during the San Antonio Cocktail Conference, and I don’t think anything on the menu will disappoint.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bexar Pub, and in the mean time check out their drinks and support the newly opened establishment.


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